Great conversations are what makes the world go around, and here at, we want to help you jumpstart a great convo (short for conversation), by creating sayings that will resonate with someone in real-life – wherever you go.

At, when we create our exclusive unique sayings/slogans, we are inspired by what we see happening in the world. It may be seen on the Internet (social media), It may be heard in a business environment, at a church gathering or just standing in line at a brick and mortar store having a conversation with a stranger, who has decided to drop a jewel on us while we are waiting in line.

Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and our products – t-shirts, mugs, trendy bags, hoodies, sweatshirts, phone cases, unique jewelry + more, will serve as an ice-breaker or a reminder to someone who may need to see the message you are donning on your t-shirt, as a real-life wake-up call, or it may provide a much-needed laugh. We also make sure some of our products serve as an ‘indirect’ subliminal message, which may help you with your annoying co-worker, friend or family member, too (LOL!). Believe it or not, we are not entirely putting these sayings on products for our customers only. These are messages we may have for people we know as well! was founded by proud mom, wife, Chicago native, and Penn State University Alumna, K. McKinney, M.A.  McKinney, is described by her peers as a ‘tech geek & innovator,’ has been on the Internet for twenty-years. She was a traditional media journalist on the Philadelphia media circuit for years (print, radio, & television), has always been regarded as someone savvy with creative ‘wordplay,’ and having a knack for what is hot in terms of fashion. A lot of the fashion sense was obtained during her college years working as a supervisor at The Gap/Banana Republic.

“I believe in putting out good karma in the universe – my EXTREME EMPATHY for people is what sets whatever I do from a professional & ‘life’ stance, apart from a lot of people. I am a STICKLER for GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE – I’m obsessive with it most people who know me, would say. A lot of friends and family suggests I should have been a mystery shopper if nothing else worked out, and, yes, I fill out the surveys on the back of receipts all the time!  People can spend their money anywhere, so why be unkind to people who are helping you keep a job or stay in business. When I worked retail during college, I gave it my all, even when I was tired from school, internships, etc. There was no need to take out my problems on an innocent person. With this being stated, I pride myself in running my businesses by the same code of ethics and will ensure that each customer feels special while purchasing something from,” said McKinney.

So, Guys, this is our story, and we would love to hear yours, too!  Drop us a line at! Who knows, you may end up on one of our sites – rocking your ‘’ gear or product. Thanks for the convo!.