Conversation Starters With Strangers: Making A Profound Connection

We have designed our apparel and products to make this an easy process for anyone! One saying on a shirt or a bag will instantaneously bring about a convo/conversation with a stranger – believe us!

Often, people come out not only to go shopping, but also run errands or pick up lunch – there are a lot of people who do come outside to socialize, and guess what? Beyond social media! So, what should you do to make sure you get the most out of a conversation with a ‘stranger,’ or let’s call them a potential new associate? See a few tips below:

Lesson one, the most important lesson, is that most of the communicating between people are done not by words but by body language. Easy conversation starters don’t start with a hello, but way before that when you first make eye contact. It is imperative to be open and friendly in your stance and posture. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact, face your companion, smile, and do not cross your legs or arms. Whether you are aware of it or not, crossing legs and arms subconsciously send signals of repulsion, and your acquaintance will interpret it the same way. Don’t put too much thought into it, but be aware if you are a frequent or habitual arm crosser and try to break this habit when interacting with strangers.


Alright, so now you’ve smiled, and your posture is open, what’s next? Good conversation starters aren’t cheesy pickup lines or arrogant observations. A good conversation starter should make your companion feel comfortable and at ease. Once started, the conversation should flow. A good convo isn’t as hard to achieve as you may think. The key to a conversation success is picking a topic that both of you can relate to. You are choosing a topic that allows for expansion of the conversation. This conversation method is without seeming too meddlesome or prying into the personal life of the other. A perfect topic of discussion is some exciting news story or recent news event.


Starting a conversation about a recent event in the news is perfect because it isn’t intruding. Also, if its an interesting story — your companion will likely be curious about it and ask for an elaboration. News is a topic both of you can relate to, and it’s an innocent topic that almost anyone would be glad to respond to. Before you even realize it, the two of you will be in an actual conversation. From that point on now, you two are acquaintances on the way to a friendship or more profound relationship.


The trick to keep the conversation flowing is to pick an interesting and current news story; it’s just that simple. “Hey, did you hear about [insert your story here], I was just reading about it…” and on it goes. If the person you are conversing with hasn’t heard, you can explain the story. Then the conversation will begin. The flipside to this is if they have heard the story already, then they’ll reply with their insight. The universal knowledge about the topic will make the conversation go smoother.


Starting a conversation with a stranger isn’t as difficult at all when you think about it. With the right attitude, the right segue into a conversation (i.e., apparel or product), a positive and welcoming posture topped with an exciting topic of discussion; it should be a breeze.



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