Conversation Starters Humor: Topics To Make Convos Humorous:)


Using humor is a great way to break the ice in a conversation. Who does not like to be around a humorous person – someone who will make you laugh when you may be feeling a bit melancholy or down? We have some tips to help you get the ball rolling on some comical conversation starter topics to choose from. And here is hoping your life is filled with more pleasant things life has to offer!

We have put a lot of effort into making sure we keep our ‘ears to the Internet and physical streets,’ Therefore, if you need help with getting a conversation started beyond reading this article, don’t worry, we have you covered!


1) The humorous topic has to be relevant. Asking your 90-year-old grandfather about his favorite Cardi B song is never going to work. So remember that the conversation topic you use has to be of interest to the person you are talking too. Try talking about a funny scene in ‘Gone With the Wind!’ OK, well, the person you may be trying to start a conversation with may not be in their 90’s, but you get the point. Common ground and relevance are vital.


2) Don’t be rude and obnoxious. While a lot of obnoxious people think their ways may be endearing, others may not see it that way. You may feel that it’s funny asking a girl on your first date what her favorite position in bed is, but most likely she won’t be laughing. She will probably think you are obnoxiously rude and vulgar. It might be fine if you are joking with a friend, but depending on the circumstances, you could potentially land yourself in a lot of trouble. So remember not to choose topics that others may find rude or insulting. Maybe ask her if she ever watched Sesame Street, and if she thought, Bert was funnier than Ernie. So, this may seem like a silly example, but remember, SILLY and HUMOROUS is what we are going for!


3) Make the conversation playful without being annoying. The whole idea behind using a conversation topic that is humor-filled is so that the person you tell it to can contribute. You don’t want them to reply with a one-word answer. Instead, you want them to open up and hopefully say something fun back to you. The key to people opening up is to make sure that what you say is playful and fun — that way, the other person will want to contribute.


4) Preparation is imperative. Of course, we have to talk about the fact you may be nervous about going on a date. Or, meeting someone new, so the best course of action you can take is to prepare. By having something to talk about already prepared, you will always be ready with something else to talk about in case there is an awkward silence. When preparing, the critical thing to remember is you should probably think of several scenarios. This includes personality traits you may encounter and have a humorous conversation ready for any scenario.

So, there you have it! A few topics/outline of how to get a fruitful humorous conversation underway. Remember, you can always wear a t-shirt or bag from our hilarious shop, and it will likely do the trick for you without you having to utter the first word!

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