Conversation Starters Funny: For The Fun Person In You!

People love funny people period. We know that not every situation calls for an entertaining conversation to transpire; however, humor is the best icebreaker there is. And if you can get the most serious person in the room to laugh, then you have done your job, and you can consider yourself an official conversation starter pro.

If you understand people, then some of these funny tactics may work. We would love to know if these work, and if all else fails, check these out — they’re sure to get a funny conversation happening!


  1. “Excuse me, but I do think it is time we met” will put a smile on most peoples faces without sounding too intimidating.


  1. Share something funny that happened to you, especially if it was the same day. You will sound modest, and that is quite an attractive quality.


  1. “What kind of old person do you want to be?” intrigues people. Everyone hopes to get old and so they will have an opinion. Also, though, it will make people smile because you are taking old age as something positive – an unusual twist on an everyday topic will make people interested.


  1. You could share a fun story about your children. They are an abundant harvest for fun stories – and cute too! You could then ask something like ‘what is the weirdest thing you brought home when you were a child?” Take a little trip down memory lane with the person you are talking to.


  1. How about asking – ‘what is the best question in the world?’ You are going for the element of surprise, and this one has the added benefit that it sounds like you are interested in getting to know the other person.


  1. If you are at a party, try bringing a funny card for the host and get everyone to sign it. What to write and what others have written will give you a wealth of funny conversation openers.


  1. Ask someone about their worst holiday to introduce talking about one of your recent vacation mishaps. These can be funny conversation starters, get people laughing, and will not cause tension. In addition to this, everyone will start providing their worst vacation stories, and everyone will be laughing over the unfortunate events.


  1. This one might work best for the younger generation – to whom all things gross seem hilarious – but try asking about the worst meal the person has ever eaten or seen someone eat. It always seems to get people talking and makes them laugh. You will also bring in most women who are pregnant or who have ever been pregnant and had cravings. Perhaps skip this one over dinner, though!


  1. Ask people about their pet peeves. People are always happy to talk about these. Done in the right way with a touch of humor, you will not come across as a moaner, but as someone with a keen sense of humor.


  1. The tenth? …The tenth is up to you! I told you the element of surprise was important in humor. Seriously, you have learned a few things here about how to use humor in your conversations.

Hey, you do not have to be a comedian or the funniest person walking the earth to evoke a great convo with laughter. It is all about remembering what your end goal is — which is to make people comfortable around you. Them being comfortable around you will get them talking. Funny conversation starters are really about giving the other person a relaxed way into the conversation.

-P. Murphy

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