Category: Conversation Starter Tips

Conversation Starter: Tips #33-#43

  Hopefully, these visual convo starter tips are giving you the icebreaker you need for any conversation! Make sure to check out our shop of products that are sure to start the conversation immediately, too. Although, it may be in the form of a question such as; i.e., what do you mean by ‘No Textual …

Questions To Ask A Guy To Get To Know Him

While there are many questions you can ask a guy to get to know him better, we figure we would keep it simple, with a twist of common sense. Remember, it is not always the questions you ask, but how you ask the questions – so, if you are going after the man in a …

Conversation Starters Funny: For The Fun Person In You!

People love funny people period. We know that not every situation calls for an entertaining conversation to transpire; however, humor is the best icebreaker there is. And if you can get the most serious person in the room to laugh, then you have done your job, and you can consider yourself an official conversation starter …

Conversation Starters: Tips #22-#32

We hope you have been enjoying our conversation starters ‘card’ series! These conversation tips will at least be a great starting point for you (us, too!). We tried to craft the tips like we do our products and apparel, so we hope they help break the ice!

Conversation Starters: Tips #11-#21

So, here are some great visual tips for you to get the conversation going. These can be future friendships, relationships, current friendships, work convos, religious gatherings, networking events (beyond social media!), and more. Our tips, plus products and apparel — created with YOU in mind, are sure to spark up some of the best conversations …

Conversation Starters For Flirty Men

OK, so we know this is probably CHEESY, but one of the excellent conversation starters to meet women is to tell them they look familiar. Next, ask her if you met at a popular venue in your city or some other interesting topic. You can use a line that refers to an unusual outing. Something …

Conversation Starters For Flirty Women

  There is no text-book way on how to flirt with someone, contrary to what people want you to believe. There are different strokes for different folks. It is all about the environment and energy. In this social media and online dating climate, flirting has become a bit easier – especially if you do not …

Icebreaker Questions For Christians

When you are a part of a spiritual group/religion, often the common denominator is your faith. However, there are times you may be at church gatherings – especially if you are new to the church, and you may need to know, as a Christian, how to break the ice! We have had people on our …

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